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Introduction to the Blog So we have decided to create a Blog….. Each month we will try and create an interesting blog that will cover things you should be doing each month to your trees, pots, soil, benches etc. We will also add photos of trees in the garden and in March we will go through step by step on purchasing a garden centre tree and watch it progress through the season. As its January there isnt much to do Bonsai wise.  The main task is to protect the trees from very cold weather. If you have placed them in winter protection i.e. under your staging or in a greenhouse check that the soil in the pots has not dreid out.  If there is signs of drying out then water so they are just damp.  Do not over water as this could cause root rot. Draw up a list of trees you need to repot and make sure you have enough soil (available from our store). Quick question…… How far have you travelled to puchase the perfect Bonsai tree or even a pot? We recently sold four trees and the buyer travelled from Grange over Sands in the South Lakes to Bristol (a round trip of 8 hours). Well thats it the first blog is over.  Please leave comments on what you would like to see or what you think we can improve on. Roll on February and the crazy potting season.

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