How To Prepare A Bonsai Pot

Bonsai Pot and Tools
February is traditionally the start of the repotting season for Deciduous trees only do not repot Evergreen trees this month. At the start of the month I select the pots and the trees Im going to repot.

Clean the inside and outside of the pot with an insecticide/Fungicide).

Clean Pot

Make your wire staples.

Wire Staples

Cover the holes with mesh held in place with wire staples. (This will keep the soil medium in and insects out).

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Use a long piece of wire so you can hold the tree in place.

Pot with Wire
(In the next blog I will go through step-by-step on how to repot a tree).
Other tasks undertaken in February:
  • Clean all your benches/stands with an insecticide/Fungicide (even re paint them).
  • Start to undercut roots for trees in the ground ready for lifting next month.
  • Make sure you have enough wire, soil and pots (see store).
  • Sharpen your tools.
  • All trees can now be wired but make sure you keep an eye on the wire during the coming months as the trees begin to swell.
  • Late February is the best time for redesigning/reshaping and branch pruning of Deciduous trees (apart from Maples and Pines).
Final notes:
We still have a few spaces left for our 4th March One-to-One session (£40 or £20 if 16 years or under*) Its a hands on session where we go through all the above and a lot more. Also on the 25th February Swindon Bonsai Club are holding their annual Winter Show (Swindon Winter Show 2018 Details) *Must be accompanied by an adult.

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